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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Maghin has moved home

After living on her own for 2 years she has moved home for a short period until her and her friend can find a new apartment. She loves to cook, so today we enjoyed a delicious meal made from the recipe in the Pioneer Womans Cookbook.
One of the things she got for her birthday and now has become addicted to reading!

Ruthie entertained Chad by reading to him while Maghin cooked.
I must say he did peel the potatoes first before playing!
Chad spent the night in our camper so he could be here today to go to church with us and enjoy Maghins cooking! After being together for so long I'm sure they are finding it hard to be apart.

We enjoyed chicken fried steak, creamy mashed potatoes, bisquits and field peas! yum yum.
I must say Maghin is a messy cook like me and there was dirty pots and flour everywhere! It didn't take long to clean up though!

yum sizzling in the pot...

more reading for Chad

gravy and mashed potatoes are done

I forgot we had macaroni also! The plate was overflowing!

Of course Ruthie got fussed at a zillion times. I finally asked Maghin if she realized how many times she had fussed at her! She thinks Ruthie is spoiled!lol She says they never sat at the table but had to go play until the adults ate!ha
I told her the only thing we did was get the fire extinguisher out to put the flames out that were coming out of her hair!
(moody, very moody) and spoiled I might add!

Since she cooked I cleaned up..but then when I cook I clean also!
Something wrong there!lol

Maghin sat down to enjoy reading Pioneer Womans blog! Laughing at all the stories she has written about charlie her basset hound.
It will be interesting to see whose nerves are stepped on the most! Ruthie will talk even when no one is around to listen! Now I will have Ruthie and Maghin trying to tell me something! I guess this would be a time to say "Pray chruch, Pray"!lol


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