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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Decided to take the 365 challenge from Since March 1st is Monday and they are kinda hectic I dediced to take my sister out today and practice. She held my grey card and would hold it up to her face for me. After setting the white balance I metered off the grey card then started taking pictures. We moved around alot because I wanted to see the affect the morning sun had in different areas of the yard. My aha moment was when I metered off of her face and remembered when I metered off the grey card she was 2 stops to the left. So many things to pay attention to.

I was also using my 85mm which I don't use very often because I have to move my feet instead of being able to just zoom in and out. I tend to miss focus alot also with it. I concentrated very hard in making sure I focused on her eyes. This photo was behind a little shed that I nearly burned down this summer, burning the field!lol The sun was behind her up high but had trees blocking most of the bright light.  I have lots more to go thru from today and will post later.



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